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LED wear plastic landline
  • LED wear plastic landline
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Equipment use

Automatic assembly of bulk LEDs and plastic holders


1. Bulk LEDs and plastic holders are fed by a vibrating plate ;

2. Designed for two groups of units to work simultaneously;

3. The rubber seat is pushed into the assembly station after the material is divided for accurate positioning ;

4. The LED is grabbed by the robot and inserted into the assembly station ;

5. After the assembly is completed, the product is thrown into the receiving box;

6. PLC program control system;

7. Man-machine interface touch screen operation ;

Equipment configuration and parameters 

Electric    control: Omron / Mitsubishi

Work    rate : 360W

Power source: 220VAC  50HZ    

Air source: 5-7 Mpa    

Shape Size: L1350xW820xH1600mm

Heavy quantity: 350Kg    

Capacity    : 2400 pcs/ H     

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