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BT-780 Sub-board machine
  • BT-780 Sub-board machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

Cutting and splitting of glass fiber and resin circuit boards with V-CUT 


1. Motor driven, adjustable speed;

2. Both clockwise and reverse rotation are possible, with buttons for conversion;

3. Both upper and lower knives are round knives, rolling cutting, stable and accurate, reducing stress ,

Prevent solder joints and PC board from cracking ;

the vertical distance of the blade is adjustable, to adapt to different shades of V-CUT ;

artificial support plate to touch the blade, automatic running board PCB are separated;

6. The guide rail is specially designed and easy to adjust ;

7. The baffle fixture is added to make the board move more stable.

Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool material: Japan SKH9

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Electric    control: Omron / Mitsubishi

Power source: 220VAC  50HZ    

Power    rate: 90W

Shape Size: L 35 × W is 30 0 × H 45 0mm

Heavy volume: 39Kg    

Sub-board thickness: 0.5~3mm                            

The material of the circuit board to be cut: glass fiber board, resin version

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