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BT-770 Guillotine Splitting Machine
  • BT-770 Guillotine Splitting Machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

Cutting and sub-boarding of glass fiber, aluminum-based, and copper-based circuit boards with V-CUT 


the machine uses the principle of stress without bending rigidity and high strength structural design, performance and stability ;

the electrical binding design, the vertical straight knife guillotine cut, especially for precision dividing SMD sheet;

the short-contact knife slitting, the inner stress reaches 160. [mu] ST or less, to avoid cracking of tin solder joints and damage to precision parts;

. 4 between the groove edge of the electronic component to the minimum allowable spacing 0.3 mm , the maximum height of the plate member to be 60mm ;

blade gap easily adjusted by the height adjusting screw ;

the moving carriage optional.

Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool material: Japan SKH9

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Air source: 5-7 Mpa    

Shape Size: L 52 is × W is 30 0 × H 44 is 0mm

Heavy quantity: 120Kg    

Sub-board thickness: 0.5~3mm                            

Material of the circuit board to be cut: aluminum base, copper base, glass fiber circuit board

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