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BT-760 hand push splitter
  • BT-760 hand push splitter
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Equipment use

Cutting and splitting of glass fiber and resin circuit boards with V-CUT 


1. The upper knife is a round knife, and the lower knife is a long strip knife;

2. Minimize the internal stress generated during board splitting to avoid tin cracking .

3. The V groove of the substrate is placed on the tip of the lower straight knife, and the blade will follow the V groove after pushing the push arm

   Separate the substrate .

4. Moving knife cutting, stable division .

5. The distance between the upper and lower blades is adjustable to adapt to V-CUT of different depths .

Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool material: Japan SKH9

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Feeding speed: manual control

Shape Size: 520. the MM * 37 [ 0MM *. 3 . 6 0M

Heavy volume: 23Kg    

Sub-board thickness: 0.5~3mm

Maximum sub-board length: 300MM.  

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