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Bt-7500 curve dividing machine
  • Bt-7500 curve dividing machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

Various irregular contiguous (e.g., arcuate) of the PCB board and the stamp hole PCB board dividing


a programmable program control system, the support point, line, L -shaped, arcuate, circular, etc. programmatically path ;

high-quality axle system allows the system to quickly acceleration and deceleration reducing the time period, improving the survival rate, while maintaining high precision;

the motor spindle, the core cutter hardware , using high-quality brand, to ensure high rigidity and high performance ;

manual handling of the workpiece;

5. It can cut continuously without interruption during loading and unloading of workpieces .

the short-contact knife slitting, the inner stress reaches 160. [mu] ST or less, to avoid cracking of tin solder joints and damage to precision parts;

. 7 between the groove edge of the electronic component to the minimum allowable spacing 0.3 mm , the maximum height of the plate member to be 60mm ;

blade gap easily adjusted by the height adjusting screw ;

the mobile trolley may be optional;

10. Equipped with industrial vacuum cleaner.

Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool material: Japan SKH9

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Electric    control: Omron / Mitsubishi

Power source: 220VAC  50HZ    

Work    rate: 600W

Shape Size: 582 * 678 * 697mm

Applicable PCB size: 300*300mm (can be customized beyond the scope)

Heavy volume: 74Kg     

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