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BT-6800 Resistance Fuse Wearing Tube Forming Machine
  • BT-6800 Resistance Fuse Wearing Tube Forming Machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use:

Braided resistance fuse wear sleeve heat shrinkable tube and Teflon tube and molding

Equipment introduction:

1.  Braided resistance, fuse, coiled casing, automatic feeding in step;

2. The  continuous grasping station completes positioning, shaping, pipe threading, heat shrinking, forming and other actions;

3.  Different shapes can be formed by changing molds;

4.  PLC program control, touch screen operation.

Equipment configuration and parameters:

Tool material: Japan SKD11

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Power source: 220VAC  50HZ    

Shape Size: L1200xW850xH1700mm

Heavy volume: 265 kg    

Processing efficiency: 1500-1800 pcs/ H


 Remarks : Applicable resistance size range. Maximum 5*15mm

                         Minimum 2.5*5mm

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