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BT-400IC shaping machine
  • BT-400IC shaping machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

The double-row IC figure eight is formed into parallel and vertical downwards for easy insertion



1. The tube-mounted IC is directly inserted into the upper end of the guide rail, and the knob is used to adjust the tightness;

, the use of bearings with roller way type, rapid whole foot ;

3. The track does not need to be replaced, and different types of IC can be processed by adjusting the width of the knob ;

the rail end can be inserted into empty IC pipe, the processed IC access.


Equipment configuration and parameters

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Dimensions: L 260 *W 220 *H 230 m

Motor power: 15W

Heavy    volume: 8KG

Processing efficiency: 3 seconds / tube


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