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BT-307BD Braid Radial Element Forming Machine
  • BT-307BD Braid Radial Element Forming Machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

Used for lead forming and trimming of taped capacitor radial components after stripping



1. The stepping motor feeds, cuts or peels off the braid, the bulk material is connected to the flat-vibration guide rail and automatically arranged, and the manipulator sequentially completes the reclaiming, shaping, cutting, forming, and blanking ;

2, the electrical binding, powered cylinder, by the robot sequentially completed reclaimer, shaping, Cutting, shaping, polishing materials and other movements;  

3. The foot length can be adjusted, with a reference scale, the knob can be adjusted up and down;

4. The molding shape is fixed by the mold, and different shapes require additional customized molds;

5. PLC program control ;

6, may be optional touch-screen interface, you can set the number and yield, when the output reaches the set production number automatically shut down ;

7. Alarm function for material shortage and material blocking ;

8. Equipped with photoelectric sensor, the feeding of vibrating plate and the work of the host can be intelligently controlled;

Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool material: Japan SKD11

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Power source: 220VAC    

Step power : 40W

Air    source: 5-7mpa

Shape Size: L860xW450xH550mm

Heavy volume: 85Kg    

Processing efficiency: 3600 pcs/ 


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