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BT-301 Hand-operated braiding capacitor cutting machine
  • BT-301 Hand-operated braiding capacitor cutting machine
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

Radial components such as tape capacitors, inductors, LEDs , triodes, etc. cut the feet



1. Small size and light weight, lock on the work surface;

2. Manual operation by hand;

3. The needle wheel drives the braid component to continuously feed;

4. Cut the feet and return the material continuously;

5. The foot length is adjustable;

6. There are two types of braid hole center distance: 12.7mm and 15mm can not be shared


Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool / mold material: Japan SKD11

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Dimensions: L 430 *W 300 *H 300 m

Weight: 15KG

Processing efficiency: 30000- 60000 pcs/ 

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