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BT-112 Multi-cylinder component forming machine
  • BT-112 Multi-cylinder component forming machine
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Equipment use

All kinds of electronic components customized mold forming or shaping and cutting feet



the machine body is a magnetic assembly cylinder, and a mold die cutter assembly, the programmable control system and electrical circuits, sheet metal component 4 constitute the majority;

using a multi- cylinder combined drive, the PLC control system, plural sets of molding or shaping and cutting foot ;

3. Manually put in the materials press the buttons for the left and right hands at the same time , the cylinder pushes the mold or the knife mold , the materials are manually taken out after the cycle action is completed , and so on

4. Press both hands to start at the same time, safe operation.


Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool / mold material: Japan SKD11

Sheet  metal  work Art: High temperature powder / surface of the anode hard chrome stainless steel

Outer shaped foot inches: L 380 * W is 300 * H 480 m     

Power source : 220V AC 50HZ         

Air         source: 5-7Mpa

Outer  shaped  foot inch : 460 34 is 0 * 510 mm

Heavy         volume: 40 to 80 kg

Plus  working efficiency  rate: 400-600 PCS / 


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