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BT-101F-DBD resistance forming machine (single side stripping)
  • BT-101F-DBD resistance forming machine (single side stripping)
  • Introduction
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Equipment use

Taping resistance /diode unilateral stripping and vertical K-foot forming and cutting



, for the vertical molding member due to insufficient development lead length ;

catch structure will taping resistors, diodes tape unilateral removal ;

3. The combination of gears, cams, groove wheels and dials is a fully mechanical structure;

hang-gear pitch circle knife into the material composition, cut tape, are sequentially fed to the second element by a shear pin indexing plate mold structure, complete vertical curved legs or K shaped foot ;

5. Motor driven, fixed speed;

6. With automatic and inching options.


Equipment configuration and parameters

Tool material: Japan SKD11

Sheet metal process: high temperature powder spraying / surface anode hard chrome

Motor power : 120W

Power source: 220VAC / 50HZ    

Shape Size: L550xW450xH420mm

Heavy volume: 90Kg    

Processing efficiency: 3300~6600 pcs/ (small shoulder distance of 6600 , large shoulder distance of 3300 )

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